Nickelodeon Are Turning TWO Classic Nineties Shows Into Movies

Can you guess which?


Kids these days are too busy snapchatting Dog With A Blog vines to their Tumbler bronies to give a shit about nineties cartoon revivals.

But that's why they'll never be truly happy. Nineties kids shows were the apex of quality programming - subversive, hilarious, disgusting and often profound, many of their lessons still rattle around our collective, nostalgia-obsessed noggins to this day.

Twenty-somethings have never truly gotten over the shows that shaped their youths, and that's why everybody's so damn excited for the upcoming Hey Arnold movie.



A two hour, two-parter which will probably only be seen by people who think the Cereal Cafe is a suitable place to have a date, it'll pick up on the cliffhanging storyline left from the final episode in 2002.


Nickelodeon classic Legends of the Hidden Temple is also receiving a reboot. For those who don't remember, the show pitched legions of kids against eachother in a set of challenges to decide who, beyond all doubt, was the best child in the world. Have a look at the old clip below, and get ready for a trip back in time.