Nigel Farage Just Fell For An Epic Phone-In Prank

When I say "aw" you say "kward" AW KWARD AW KWARD

Nigel Farage's proved it's not only cartoon bartenders with delightful button noses who fall for phone-in pranks. It's also morally bankrupt* politicians.

Yes, Nigel Farage, everyone's favourite human haemorrhoid***** fell for an epic prank during his live phone-in session on LBC radio. Trust us, this is definitely worth your time...

Caller Blindsides Farage On Migrants & Languages

This is classic. Caller sets up Farage with this extremely canny trick question about people not learning the language of the countries they move to.

Posted by LBC on Sunday, 17 July 2016


Granted us having a bit of a giggle isn't quite the vengeance the world had been waiting for, but for now (or at least until he's dragged into the streets during the inevitable peasant uprising when the people realise it's now more economically viable to eat our children rather than feed them), it'll have to do.

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* Not strictly accurate**, there's no proof he had morals to begin with.

** These are not the views of Comedy Central, they are the views of everyone***.

*** People with decent**** political beliefs.

**** These are all value judgements please don't sue us.

***** Nigel Farage is not a sentient Haemorrhoid.