Nine celebrities with perfect names for knuckle tattoos

A four-letter first name and a four-letter last name combine to make a perfect knuckle tattoo. Can we tempt any of these stars?

[subheader]Alan Alda[/subheader]

Not only does the M*A*S*H star have an ideal name to get inked on his hands, a massive 50% of it would be made up of the letter A.

[subheader]Andy Cole[/subheader]

The former England striker doesn't have his name tattooed on his knuckles, but if he ever chose to, it would fit perfectly.

[subheader]Brad Pitt[/subheader]

Brad Pitt has a few tattoos, although they're overshadowed by his wife's ones. If he ever wanted to steal her inky thunder, his knuckles would be a perfect start.

[subheader]Dame Edna[/subheader]

Barry Humphries is 80 years old, so unlikely to get a first tattoo. If he had a moment of madness in Camden, though, he could do a lot worse than immortalise his most famous comic creation on his elderly skin.

[subheader]Eric Idle[/subheader]

Rock stars are covered in tattoos, and Eric Idle is the closest that Monty Python have to one – well, he sings the most.

[subheader]John Simm[/subheader]

Whenever you see him in interviews, John SImm seems like the nicest man in the world. If he ever wanted to rough his image up a bit, this'd do it.

[subheader]Mark Owen[/subheader]

If he was pleased with how this looked, he could get TAKE THAT done on the knuckles below.

[subheader]Tara Reid[/subheader]

The star of Sharknado and American Pie isn't as famous as she once was, but having her name written on her hands would ensure everyone knew it.

[subheader]Arnold Schwarzenegger[/subheader]

Arnold Schwarzenegger's arms are so big that nobody ever looks at his hands. If you did, you'd notice he has six fingers and a thumb on his right hand, and a massive fourteen fingers and a thumb on his left. Hollywood's full of secrets.