No One Can Work Out Which One Is The Mum And It's Freaking People Out


When Kaylan Mahomes took a recent car selfie with her twin sister and their mother, the internet went into a meltdown. No one could work out which one the mother is!

It looks more like a picture of triplets and people's confusion created the hashtag #whosthemom.


This Tumblr page thinks it has the answer, but we're not sure it's enough proof...

BUT WAIT, the family's second Instagram post seems to offer a crucial clue in this puzzle...

The caption reads: "When your mom thinks it's a picture ... lol #whosthemom?"

Then they all erupt into laughter when one of them apparently realises she was actually being filmed... so the woman in the far left is the mum! Maybe? We think.


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Either way, we're pretty convinced that the mum is an actual vampire.