Noot Noot! This Is What Pingu Looks (And Sounds) Like IRL

The voice actor made up Pingu's entire language himself.

Foul-tempered penguin fans will be well aware of the Pingu fashion range hitting the shops in late September.

For many, the resurgence of the 90s hero will have revived that age-old question: what did Pingu look like IRL, anyway?

Step this way

For we have the answer

And it's ~amazing~

Introducing: Italian voice actor Carlo Bonomi.

That's right, he was a middle-aged Italian man. From 1986 to 2006, Bonomi voiced Pingu and the rest of his family, becoming a pro 'Peguinese' speaker.

The language was made up, but according to British voice over artist David Sant (who took over the job when the UK bought the rights in 2001) not *all* of it was gibberish.

"We made up about 95% of the words on the day, though some would recur: “toy” became something like “tellibelli”, I think, and “drink” was “ciochilani”. 

Check out this awesome video of Bonomi voicing a character on Italian show La Linea, where Pingu's language was born. Oh, and prepare to feel again. So many feels.

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