21 Years Later, Notherners Spot Their Fave English Tea In Friends

Didn't tea that one coming...

We all love it when two worlds collide. 

Nice worlds, obviously. Think, bumping into an old friend in a new city rather than realising the nostalgic cologne on your partner reminds you of your nan. 

As if Friends couldn't get more nostalgic, Northerners everywhere are rejoicing after finding their fav tea brand right next to Ross' head. 

Reddit user @Doe_Ray_EGON made the observation and took to the interwebz to share. 

This is too wholesome for words. 

The biggest concern, however, was awakened by @Tegzay, for whom pronunciation issues were deeply troubling. 

At least it wasn't a scone. Interventions would have been implemented, we're sure. 

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