Now That George Clooney's Married (Sob!) Here Are 5 Alternative 'Silver Foxes' To Fancy

Yep, Clooney is officially off the market – but there are plenty more 50-something fitties out there, ladies! Prepare to salivate over some homegrown silver fox-meat...

[subheader:list:1]Bill Turnbull[/subheader]

Sure, Clooney can light up the silver screen with his chiselled jawline and gentlemanly suaveness, but can he smoothly segue between a news story about cyber-bullying and the weather with Carol Kirkwood? Nope – but you can bet your sweet bippy that Bill Turnbull can. Factor in his smouldering looks and it's Britain one, America nil!

[subheader:list:2]Nigel Farage[/subheader]

Clooney might look dashing sipping at those elegant little coffees of his, but real ladies like a man who likes a pint – and UKIP heartthrob Nigel absolutely loves them! What woman wouldn't want a tipsy Farage clambering into her bed, all fired-up on Fosters and righteous xenophobia? Ooh la-laa!

[subheader:list:3]Nick Knowles[/subheader]

DIY SOS would be just another daytime-TV home-makeover show – were it not for the knicker-twanging presence of Mr Nick Knowles, a man who we'd definitely let build a sunroom extension all over our patio, if you catch our drift! ;)

[subheader:list:4]Graham Norton[/subheader]

Okay, so George now has a ring on his finger (waah!) – but ladies, Graham is still very much up for grabs! Why nobody's yet scooped up this prime piece of Irish real-estate is beyond us. Form an orderly queue – and no pushing at the back there!

[subheader:list:5]Timothy Spall[/subheader]

T-Spall has been referred to as "Britain's answer to George Clooney" so many times that we bet sometimes George Clooney's post gets mixed up and ends up at Timothy's house! And Timothy's all like, "Not again!" Sorry Tim – but that's what happens when you've got the sexiest swagger in town!

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