Now, This Really Takes The Biscuit: Pringles Are Not Crisps

Your whole life is a lie.

You've been living a lie. That weird-shaped crisp you've been putting into your mouth to make a duck face as long as you can remember?

Not a crisp. Not even a little bit (OK, well, if you want to get technical, 42%). IT'S A BISCUIT.

That's right, back in 2008 it was decreed that the delicious snack doesn't contain enough potato to warrant being called a crisp or potato chip.

The argument went to Britain’s High Court back in 2008 (we know. Insane, right?) and it was decided it can't be classified as ‘a potato crisp product’ because of the Pringle tube’s ‘unnatural shape’. That is, it doesn't come in a bag like other chips.

Because Pringles' ‘mouth melt’ flavour, ‘uniform colour’ and ‘regular shape’ are not found in nature (like potatoes are), its makers argued it's more of a cake or a biscuit. And they won.

What with all the Pringles 'ringle' hype, we thought you should know the truth. You're stacking biscuits, not crisps - and tbh that sounds even more impressive.

Have you tried it yet?

Crisps or biscuits, how these people refrain from eating them this long, we'll never know.

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