Obama Cancelled Ariana Grande's Gig 'Cos She's A Doughnut Terrorist

The POTUS loves that DOUGH-TUS.

You might remember Ariana Grande - tiny, powerful singer, likes to run her tongue over confectionery that's not hers. Yeah, that one.


The furore over her doughnut-licking and random exclamations a little while back (exact words: "What the f*** is that? I hate Americans. I hate America") has again hit the news.

Why? It's emerged that the incident cost her a gig for the POTUS.


That's right, President Obama's people were thinking about booking her for a cheeky gig at The White House last September, 'til they got wind of her tasty transgression.

Among the thousands of DNC emails posted by WikiLeaks Friday on was a 10 September 2015 response to a request from the DNC finance chair, Zachary Allen, to check out the former Disney Channel star to perform at a gala for President Obama.

A Republican Congressman said that her behaviour was unnacceptable, and a double standard since the likes of Donald Trump are criticized for their words against Mexicans, but she can get away with saying 'offensive words' on twitter (she called someone out who was rude to her brother).

So they dropped her like it's hot, and the rest is (non)history. We await more gossip from leaked emails and bring more as we get it... 

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