Of Course James Corden Raced Matt LeBlanc On A Tiny Bicycle. Of Course He Did

Seems like he's always stuck in second gear.

In today's edition of '1003 Ways James Corden's Life Is Better Than Yours', we bring you: Corden racing Matt LeBlanc on a teeny tiny scooter, being pummelled with confetti and custard. Yeah.

Oh, you want more bone-crushingly depressing detail? 

The Late Late Show segment called "Bottom Gear" saw Corden and LeBlanc race each around a custom-made, Fun House-style racing track on miniature children's scooters - there's some shameless cheating, there's some playful trash talk , THERE'S MATT LEFRICKINGBLANC.

Here's the whole goddamn thing - and we have to say, it seems like Corden's always stuck in second gear... 

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