Of Course There's A Pokémon Go Dating App

Because every trainer has needs...

Thanks to smartphones, and an encroaching sense of late-stage capitalist urban alienation, online dating apps have BOOMED in the last few years. Want to find someone to stroke your beard? There's an app for that. Into furries? This website will let you know who wants to stroke your tail. Narcissistic knock-off American Psycho? Then Beautiful People is the place to be!


But what the hell are you meant to do when everyone starts using their phones for a different purpose altogether? What if instead of trying to find each other, they're trying to find a Pikachu?

Pokémon Go has taken the country, continent, and world by storm in the last two weeks. Everyone and their mums is walking everywhere trying to catch their childhood fave. But what if you want a buddy to be the very best with?

Introducing PokéDates! Part of Project Fixup, PokéDates is the perfect place to meet the trainer of your dreams. Seriously, can you imagine how great the dates would be? Just wandering around in the park, laughing in the sun, catching a few Caterpie and maybe a Bulbasaur then quietely retiring to each other's flats to catch something else. It's the dream.

But what if you're not into Pokémon? First, why the hell did you click this link? And second, check out our gallery of 28 WEIRDLY specific dating sites before!

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