Official: The 21 Funniest Responses To Kim Kardashian's Bootyriffic Magazine Cover

Kim tried to break the internet – but the internet fought back with daft memes, sarcastic tweets and some gloriously childish Photoshopping...

hot off the press, the latest issue of Plasticine magazine #BreaktheInternet @aardman #morphsbuns

— HappyToast (@IamHappyToast) November 13, 2014

I bet Kim Kardashian has been firing out poos like a gatling gun from her freshly oiled colon

— John Brennan (@UpturnedBathtub) November 14, 2014

If you haven't already seen it, here's that picture of Kim Kardashian's arse.

— Ginger Wildheart (@GingerWildheart) November 14, 2014

Kim Kardashian got paid $43 million dollars to take those photos, some of you are sending nudes for free and not even getting a text back

— ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (@trxpit) November 13, 2014


A photo posted by perezhilton (@perezhilton) on

EXCLUSIVE: Get the Kim Kardashian look for under £10.

— James Martin (@Pundamentalism) November 14, 2014

This had to happen. When top Twitter trends collide: #CometLanding #BreakTheInternet

— Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) November 12, 2014

I just can't wait for the holidays! #breaktheinternet #morestuffing

— Enrique Limón (@EnriqueLimon) November 13, 2014

Here is a potato that looks like Kim Kardashian.

— Lisa (@biscuitahoy) November 12, 2014

je vous pose ça là avec le HT #BreakTheInternet pour que vous pigiez bien le truc et je sors sans faire de bruit.

— THE LUDORIALIST. (@ludoFJ) November 12, 2014

don't worry girl i got you @kimkardashian #breaktheinternet

— IG: iampaulie (@Trendeh) November 13, 2014

We made a bodacious Kim Kardashian #BreakTheInternet Christmas ornament. You're welcome

— Mashable (@mashable) November 13, 2014

i don't understand how kim kardashian is going to #breaktheinternet. is she going to sit on it or something?

— David James Lennon (@cowboystyle) November 12, 2014

Jimmy #Kimmel took a crack at Kim Kardashian's #BreakTheInternet photos

— HuffPostComedy (@HuffPostComedy) November 13, 2014

Because what else am I supposed to do with Photoshop and a few spare minutes. #breaktheinternet

— DJ Goodfoot (@GOODFOOT415) November 13, 2014

Anybody who thinks a few naked pictures are going to #breaktheinternet is grossly unaware of what already exists on the internet

— ♱ (@byzvntine) November 13, 2014

Hot dog anyone? #BreakTheInternet

— Felix Kjellberg (@pewdiepie) November 14, 2014

Kim Kardashian and Roy Hodgeson

— Calum | Gravess (@Gravess_) November 13, 2014

Internet Fixed #BreakTheInternet

— Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr) November 12, 2014

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