One Direction Fans Have Created A Conspiracy Theory About Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Being Fake

What is true anymore?

So, Louis Tomlinson became a dad to baby Freddie a few months ago. Everyone knows this. Obviously.


Lad and Dad

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

But now, some 1D fans have a theory that the baby is fake! *CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC*

The theory links back to another long-running conspiracy, which believes that Louis is in a relationship with fellow band member Harry Styles (even though they've both denied it). And the theory (named 'Babygate') believes that Louis' baby is a fake creation to distract people from Louis and Harry's relationship.

In May last year, a Twitter account about Briana, Louis' baby mama, was created with the username @BrianaFacts.

Some directioners now believe that this account was set up by Louis' management.

During a 1D show, Louis thew a toy baby into the crowd, shouting: “It’s not real!”

Was this foreshadowing what was yet to come?

After baby Freddie was born, Louis tweeted that the baby had arrived 'yesterday'. But on Briana's instagram, she said that he was born on 23rd January. The day Louis sent the tweet.

When Briana left the hospital, after giving birth, she walking the baby to her car. This led some people to question if she actually gave birth because most women in the US are put into wheelchairs after having a baby.

When Louis first posted a picture of him and the baby, this made people question it more.


Meet my little lad, Freddie 👶

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

Now, some people are going as far as saying that Freddie the baby is a doll.

This is because the baby’s hands have been in the same position in every photo released so far.

Also, in every photo, the baby’s eyes are closed. Some directioners have pointed out how realistic some dolls can look, with their eyes closed.

This image, posted by Briana on Instagram, made some Directioners freak out. According to them, the angle of the feet looks unnatural and they say that no two-month-old baby would able to spread their toes like that.

Theorists are saying that the feet, therefore, must belong to a doll, or an older child.

Hmmmmm. Some pretty thought provoking stuff. Let us know what you think.

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