22 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Housemate Notes That'll Win Arguments But Lose Friends

Because confrontation is overrated.

Flatmates have a very subtle way of chipping away at your spirit; even the sane, friendly ones who don't wake you up early on Sunday mornings with acapella renditions of Bass Cannon.

They might, for example, use a drop of your milk for their tea - too small an amount to realistically get angry about, but just enough to ensure that your Coco Pops are drier than usual, and thus ruin your month.

This fucking guy.

That kind of stuff. And these mini dramas mount up, slowly but surely clogging our arteries with resentment and hate. Before long, we reach boiling point. And then what happens? A confrontation? A fight? A murder?

No, far worse. We write a passive aggressive note, pin it to the fridge, and hide in our room for three days dreaming up dramatic scenarios in our head.

It's bound to happen to you - and we want you to be prepared for when it does. That's why we've gathered some of the greatest passive aggressive notes of all damn time...

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