People Are Fighting Over Miley Cyrus' Brilliantly Weird New Tattoo

'Not sure about that @mileycyrus you crossed the ditch and tried Marmite?'

Marmite, Vegemite, termites. People eat all three (yep, that's a thing), depending on where in the world they're from - and you either love it or hate it.

Those bloody Aussies are *all* about the Vegemite (weird, weird, so so weird) and one of their prime exports Liam Hemsworth is said to be a fan. So what did his on-again off-again girlfriend do to show her affection?

Get a tatt of some sticky yeast in a jar, obv. Ah, young love:


@mileycyrus don't play when it comes to #vegemite 🍴 #halfneedle

A photo posted by Doctor Woo Tattoo (@_dr_woo_) on

Posted on famous tatt artist Jason Woo's instagram, the singer appears to show off a new tattoo of a Vegemite jar (right next to an avocado, the bloody hipster). 

Ahh, the gift that says 'no matter what, I'll stick to you forever, give you bad breath and make half the population think you're a weirdo that eats brown tar on their toast'. Cute.

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