People Are Forcing Water Companies To Deny The Presence Of "Dihydrogen Monoxide" In Their Products

Dihydrogen Monoxide kills millions every year, and you're probably drinking it right now.

Dihydrogen Monoxide is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. Covering around 71% of the Earth's surface, large quantities of Dihydrogen Monoxide can cause floods, storms, death by asphyxiation, and making floors really slippy.

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Yes, we know you're not stupid - Dihydrogen Monoxide is a fancy, sciency-sounding term for water, and boy oh boy is Reddit having some fun right now. Turns out if you ask a bottled water company if they use "Dihydrogen Monoxide" in their products, they get pretty defensive... And it's pretty damn funny to watch them squirm!

Here are a few of our favourite DHMO warnings and awkward company defenses.

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