Perfect Husband Builds Amazing Lifesize Advent Calendar

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This is Ben Hewins. He didn't fancy buying a £1 chocolate advent calendar for his wife and kid this year.

Facebook / Benjamin Anthony Hewins

He's not a terrible person - he actually took things one step further.

OK, 100 steps further. See, he built a *lifesize* calendar for them. From scratch. With his BARE HANDS.

Facebook / Benjamin Anthony Hewins

With a *wrapped gift* behind every door.

Every day they go outside together and open up a bundle of joy.

"A few years ago for Christmas, my wife left a present for me everyday during December in one of my drawers with a heart-shaped note that read “on the xx day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a new pair of earphones for your gym tunes".

Wanna see it start to finish? 'COURSE YOU DO:

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