Perfect Wedding Themes Each Table Around Classic Disney Movies

Let me share this whole new world with you.

Weddings are awful, let's get real. A celebration of someone else's happiness (ugh), wealth (who can afford a party that expensive?! UGH!) and never-ending adoration of another human being (UGHHHHHHHHH). 

Idema Juneman via Degrees North Images/Bored Panda

The only things that'll get you through the day: free cake, free booze and a couple of cute Instagram posts (who doesn't like posh flowers, nice dresses and fancy table arrangements? We're bitter, but we're not monsters). 

Degrees North Images

Imagine if you went to a wedding where you wanted to eat, drink and photograph everything in sight. It might actually be bearable. It might actually be FUN.

We bring you... a Disney-themed wedding. One couple knew exactly how to keep their guests conscious - by decorating every table in the style of a classic cartoon. CHECK IT OUT.

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