Pokémon Burgers Are The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was

'The Charmander' contains Doritos.

You thought you'd fully immersed yourself in Pokémon fandom, didn't you. Played the game, fallen in a ditch catching a Charizard, made Vodka Cherry Pokémon Balls, even chowed down on Pikachu churros.


THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Ever wondered what a Pikachu tastes like? Us neither but considering we can't catch one to save our lives, were more than happy to let this be as close as we get to having our very own. @hashtag_burgers have just announced that after weeks of experimenting, they will be releasing a limited release of Pokemon burgers at their @downnout_ popup as this weeks special... and they taste every bit as good as we've come to expect from these lads. The Charmander, with its red American cheese and Doritos, is our favourite but they'll all blow you away. Plus they're freakin' adorable! Head to the @downnout_ page for deets and we will see you in line. Gotta catch 'em all! #pokemongo #sydneyfood #fbas

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But sit up straight, undo your belt buckle and listen up = Pokémon burgers are a thing now and JEEBUS, do they look tasty. LOOK AT BULBASAUR'S BROCCOLI HAT.

Sydney dwellers could well develop a Pokémon paunch thanks to fast food restaurant Down-N-Out and their range of three Poké-burgers - The Charmander, The Pikachu and The Bulbasaur.


This weeks burger special at @downnout_ is NEXT LEVEL! Follow @downnout_ for more updates

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We've done a bit of digging and looks like The Charmander has red American cheese, LOT of meat and Doritos hiding under that bun. Pikachu has more cheese than we know what to do with. This is too much for a Monday, we're done.

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