Police Leave Hilarious Note For Drug Dealer After They Find Stash

Bobby banter.

Sometime around 2011, the modus operandi of the British police force suddenly changed from ‘upholding the law' to ‘getting hella retweets’.

Check your local MPS’ Twitter account, and you’ll feel like you’ve been smashed over the head by banter batons. Which is weird, because their cheeky comments are almost always ill advised and get them into all manner of trouble.

You’d think they should try and learn how to avoid such PR disasters - which I’m sure they’re planning to do, right after having some luscious viral banter with a drug dealer.

So here’s the deal: after the Met's sniffer dogs found a small stash of weed, they left a cheeky note for the owner of the two bags.


Owned. Pwned. P.C. Awned.



Judging by the amount captured, they've clearly bantered off a drug kingpin here. It's only a matter of time before these tweets reach the cartels, and they'll probably be too embarassed to continue.

That's some fine policework, Sgt Taylor. You've won the war on drugs, one retweet at a time.


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