Police Rescue An Injured Otter That Turns Out To Be A Fur Collar

Fur real.

Last week, a loving citizen of Shropshire, England rang the po-po to report an injured otter on the side of the road that was so unwell it couldn't even move. 

Thankfully, our brave boys in the Police Safer Neighborhood Team were quickly on the case, rushing to the roadside to help the feeble creature.

But something wasn't right. 

According to Lee Thomas of the West Mercia Police, the otter was "not saying or doing an awful lot, which is unusual for an injured animal."

Hold up, Lee. What kind of injured animals do you normally attend to? Fauns in Narnia? 

But tragedy was yet to strike. Not only was the poor, injured otter not talking, it was also a fur collar. An abandoned faux fur collar. It still can't move though, which is tragic, when you think about it.

The collar-otter has now been named Ollie and is living his best life on the Twitter account of the Newport police.