Pornhub's Subtle Prince Tribute Is Getting A Very Mixed Reaction

Skin diamonds and pearl necklaces.

Millennials are messed up for many reasons, of which we won't go into detail here (but will politely point you in the direction of this Teletubbies article).

There are certain signifiers that an individual has been badly affected by their time of birth. Buying a Tamagotchi off eBay in 2016, for example. Reading nostalgic 90s listicles while rocking back and forth. Spotting an update on a sex website in the middle of the day, and tweeting the world to tell them about it.

Yep, Pornhub decided to honour the untimely passing of sexually-charged music legend Prince with a subtle change in their logo - and it wasn't long before legions of teens jumped online to tell everyone (that they were at home with their pants down in the middle of the day).

Personally, we're with SpacelySprockets

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