Possessed Bottle Of Salad Dressing Terrorises Woman In Her Home

Insane but true.

A woman claimed $2,500 after being attacked in her own home... by a 'possessed' bottle of salad dressing.


"I heard pop, pop, pop. I looked up, it was possessed. It was going crazy. It was shooting up in the air, to the side".

Divel McLean of Wyoming, USA told KVRR.com she was cooking when the insane incident took place.


"Well it’s hard to explain, I was attacked by a bottle of salad dressing."

It sounded like a firecracker going off in the house".


It damaged the carpet, walls, a computer and her dress. The cost of the damage? $2,500... but is she crazy?

Actually... no.

It was later discovered that the Dorothy Lynch salad dressing had been recalled by manufacturers due to bacteria in the product which caused it to violently bubble and foam.

"From the depths of my toes, to the top of my head. I will never eat Dorothy Lynch again. That stuff is crazy," she added.

We're with you there, Divel.

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