Primark's New £14 Friends Pyjamas Are Just Like Rachel's Iconic Loungewear

The checks! The socks! The catchphrase!

Any true Friends fan will remember Rachel Green's iconic taste in pyjamas. Big, thick socks pulled up over checkered flannel trousers and a cute lil' T-shirt or oversized sweater. CUTE!

Now you can get your own set, complete with Friends-style lettering saying: ‘I Need Coffee’, for just £14 from Primark. 

The long-sleeved black and white tee comes with checked black and white bottoms. Soooo soft.

To really channel the waitress slash assistant buyer, team with Primark's bright red socks bearing Joey’s famous catchphrase: ‘How you doin’?’.

If you need us, we'll be at home watching Friends on repeat in this exact outfit, ordering the Joey special (two pizzas). LOVE.

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