Watch: Prince Totally Once Kicked Kim Kardashian Off Stage


In the biggest dig at the Kardashians since my spellcheck just put a red squiggly line under their surname, Prince once kicked old Kimmy K off his stage for refusing to dance.

Let's backtrack a little. It was the heady days of 2011, and KK was enjoying Prince's gig at Madison Square Garden when she was pulled up on stage by the singer.

She was supposed to dance, but being y'know, not great at stuff, she instead clapped and freaked out, forcing him to kick her off the stage.

Phwoar. He actually said: "'Get off the stage". 

Later Kim did tweet about the experience, explaining she was just a little starstruck. 

And he totally let her back on stage later, because he was perfect like that. So really, it's all good here. And you shouldn't hate Kim Kardashian just because she has a butt. Be more like Prince. Let her on your stage. 

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