Proof Your Favourite Disney Fairytales Are Actually Deranged Nightmare Fuel

Turns out Snow White is a stone cold arsehole...

Disney have perfected the art of the hangover movie.

Happy, but not overwhelming. Bright, but not blinding. Songy, but not annoying as fuck (well, until they make the inevitable "It's A Small World" movie). Yep, they have easy watching down to a T.


But did you know that most of your favourite Disney movies are based on olde timey fairytales? Of course you did, you're not an idiot. But do you know what happens in those old stories? I mean, what ~really~ happens?

Well, thanks to the geniuses over at College Humour, we can finally see what Disney movies would look like if they stayed true to the source material, and trust us, you'd never want to watch a single one of these while feeling worse for wear ever again...

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