This 'Barred List' From A London Pub Is The Greatest Thing You'll See All Day

Are you Crazy Linda?

Do you ever get paranoid that your local bar staff are judging you? Your clothes, your company, or the fact that you’re drinking a jug of Woo Woo solo on a Wednesday morning?

Well, they are. And what’s more, they’ve come up with a special name for you that produces major bants in the staff room.

That is, if you go by this hilarious “barred list” that was leaked from South London pub The Half Moon.

The scribbled rogues gallery, which reads like the cast-list of a Guy Ritchie film, highlights all of the people that the bar staff keep an eye out for during the day.

So, which one do you best fit into? Are you Crazy Linda? Or Gus' mate, Mark? Or the suspiciously un-nicknamed Jason?

You can fill us in on the comments, but please don't come to our office to tell us. You're barred, mate.


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