19 Questions We Really Want Answered At The Friends Reunion

Most notably: WERE THEY ON A BREAK?!

1. In early seasons of the show, Ross and Carol's son Ben is frequently mentioned, but as the show develops, he's barely brought up at all. WHAT HAPPENED TO BEN, GUYS?

2. When Rachel arrives at the coffee shop in the pilot episode, she's introduced to everyone...including Chandler! Why? Avid Friends fans will know that Rachel got off with him years earlier at his university party and not only that, but she witnessed Monica cut off his toe at the Geller thanksgiving. 

3. Why is Barry Finkel, who Rachel leaves at the altar in season 1, referred to as Barry Farber for the rest of the series?

4. Why was Courteney Cox the only Friend not to receive an Emmy nomination for her part in the show? We are outraged and confused!

5. Does Chandler really call Joey 'Matt' by mistake..?

6. Why does Ross claim that Carol is the first woman he ever slept with when in The One With Rachel's Assistant, we learn that he got it on with the elderly library assistant at the university?

7. One for Lisa Kudrow... Why does Phoebe tell Mike she's never been in a serious relationship despite the fact that she actually MOVED IN with bird-shooting police officer Gary? Short memory or just being cheeky, Pheebs..?

8. Speaking of Lusa Kudrow, how does she feel about the fact that her role was originally offered to Ellen?

9. Rachel tells Gunther her birthday is in May but also claims to be an Aquarius (January), and Ross claims his birthday is October 18th at one point and later tells Gunther that it's in December. What's going on?!

10. Why did Ross and Rachel name their daughter Emma when it's disturbingly close to 'Emily', the woman who very nearly permanently came between the two? Bit weird.

11. Why is Chandler as shocked by Ross' musical talents as everyone else, even though they were in a band together at college?! 

12. What on earth happened to the wood beams in Monica's appartment?!

13. Why does Ross say that he hates ice cream but then shares some with Marcel and eats one with Elizabeth?

Warner Bros via Monicageller.com/Comedy Central

14. Why didn't Monica and Chandler name their first born Joey, LIKE THEY PROMISED?!

15. If Ross and Joey's favourite movie of all time really is Die Hard, then how come they don't notice that Rachel dates the lead character? Hmmm.

16. WHAT'S not that common, doesn't happen to every guy and IS a big deal? We're pretty sure what you mean Jen, but we need confirmation nonetheless.

Warner Bros via Youtube/Comedy Central

17. Did Mike and Phoebe ever have kids??


19. What's Gunther up to these days? We know he's still living the Friends dream with us at Comedy Central but is he still working in a coffee shop, we wonder...