QUIZ: Can You Match The Historical Figure With Their Favourite Booze?

Well, can you?

All The Best Bits From The Geordie Shore Cast Drunk History Special

In celebration of BRAND NEW Drunk History, Wednesdays at 10pm on Comedy Central, the Geordie Shore cast filmed their very own episode just for us. Check out all the highlights here!

Drunk History Brand New Series 2 Trailer

When you lift a frosty cold one to your lips tonight, you're not only celebrating the end of yet another working week - you're also raising a glass to all of the ruddy-cheeked legends that boozed before you from time immemorial.

Because pretty much every name ever mentioned in a history textbook (or our very own Drunk History) enjoyed a lickle tipple every now and again – but can you match the celebrated figure to their favourite booze?



A new series of Drunk History UK is back on our screens next Wednesday at 10pm!