QUIZ: Can You Tell The Difference Between Donald Trump And Lord Voldemort?

One can speak to snakes, the other's a slimey f***er...

So, kids. Today's the day. The day to end all days. D-Day. Donald Day... Well, hopefully not.

TODAY millions of US citizens go to the polls to decide the next President. Same old same old, right? Who cares? Well YOU SHOULD CARE because this time the Republican nominee is a literal Bond villain, complete with an army of mindless authoritarian goons, a bad hair piece, and possible access to the nuclear codes.

But you know who else D-Trump reminds of us with his race hate and superiority complex? Harry Potter's very own Voldemort! The two even sound alike, the snakes.

So, here to test your grasp on fiction and reality, is a series of quotes from the two. The game is simple... Voldemort or Trump: who said it?


Josh Pappenheim - @papsby

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