Randy Rainbow Rinses Trump With Hilarious 'Major-General' Parody

"He is the very model of a 'very stable' genius..."

We love nothing more than watching Randy Rainbow take down Donald Trump through his pertinent pithy parodies.

Trumpty Dumpty (as we've so lovingly dubbed him) certainly provides ample material in the area of idiocy. 

He's a pretty easy target, all in all... 

But Randy has taken roasting to a new level. This parody is a musical incineration. 

To the tune of 'Modern-Major General', he hits Wotsit-Man with disses on everything from his locution to his conduct to his teeny tiny willy. 

The repeated chorus of the song is as follows: "And though his brain is smaller than his tiny little pen-i-us, he is the very model of a very stable genius." 

Yep. We'd give it a watch if we were you. A bid for Christmas No.1 this early on? Maybe... 

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