Randy Rainbow’s Hilarious Parody Slams Trump For Being ‘All About His Base’

He's bringing stupid back.

Randy Rainbow’s famous political parodies are unfailingly brilliant.

But following a State Of The Union address that has been called “boring” at best, and “utter bullshit” at worst, the comedian’s epic takedown of the President of the United States is not only timely but provides some much-needed light relief from the state of the world. 

A parody of Megan Trainor’s famously irritating but catchy song, All About His Base slams Donald Trump for “bringing stupid back,” and being an “unmanageable maniac.” 

And Trump’s supporters don’t escape Randy’s wrath either, with glorious lines like: “He likes the dummies who don’t give him flak / ‘Cause they’re his base and they’ll believe whatever comes out of that shithole on his face.”


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