Ranking All The Celebrity Big Brother UK Seasons From Bonkers To Batshit

They were all a little batshit, really.

We're currently knee-deep in Celebrity Big Brother 19, and with Speidi and Jedward all back in the house, you know it's getting cray cray. This season aside, we've ranked the other 18 series of Celebrity Big Brother UK, from the bonkers to the downright batshit. 

See which ones you remember below...

18. Celebrity Big Brother 2, 2002

We don’t remember much happening in CBB2, but Amanda Holden did dump husband Les Dennis after the show – because he told her he cheated on her right before he went in. Draaaamaaaaa.

17. Celebrity Big Brother 6, 2009

Verne Troyer’s drunken antics aside, this was another fairly unmemorable year for CBB.

16. Celebrity Big Brother 7, 2010

This one seems more scandalous now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, because his ex-wife Ivana competed, but it wasn’t that notable.

15. Celebrity Big Brother 10, 2012

Julie Goodyear throwing a drink at Cheryl Fergison was a pretty funny Corrie vs. Eastenders fight. Shame it was only for a task – otherwise this year was pretty non-eventful. It did have Martin Kemp though, which is always great.

14. Celebrity Big Brother 5, 2007

This series had a cloud over it, due to accusations of racist bullying against actress Shilpa Shetty by Jade Goody, S Club’s Jo O’Meara and Danielle Lloyd, but there were also escapes by both Donny Tourette and Leo Sayer.

13. Celebrity Big Brother 13, 2014

Lee Ryan created himself a right little love triangle with Jasmine Waltz and Casey Batchelor, didn’t he? Then there was Dappy and Luisa Zissman’s brutal row over her ‘number’ and him labelling her a "slag." DRAMA.

12. Celebrity Big Brother 18, 2016

It was the series where Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor got it on, where Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan got it on and where Christopher Biggins was kicked for using biphobic language. To have landed this low on our list means every other serious must have been pretty damn cray cray.

11. Celebrity Big Brother 1, 2001

There were only six contestants and it lasted for just eight days, but CBB1 will always be remembered for Vanessa Feltz having a meltdown and writing all over the kitchen table, plus Jack Dee’s escape.

10. Celebrity Big Brother 3, 2005

“Yeah, Jackie.” Need we say more?

9. Celebrity Big Brother 8, 2011

Did you ever think you’d see Jedward share a bed with TOWIE’s Amy Childs? You’ve got CBB8 to thank for that. Amy also gave Edward a vajazzle, and both the twins made a new BFF in the form of Tara Reid.

8. Celebrity Big Brother 14, 2014

Before Charlotte Crosby wet the bed, Lauren Goodger peed in the pool and got a warning for it – good on you, Big Brother. Stephanie Pratt didn’t ruffle nearly as many feathers as her brother Spencer did in CBB11, but pretty much everyone rubbed Will & Grace star Leslie Jordan up the wrong way, especially Frenchy – who cut up his pants.

7. Celebrity Big Brother 9, 2012

Loose Woman Denise Welch topless in the hot tub with X Factor star Frankie Cocozza. There’s a game of Cluedo we never thought we’d play.

6. Celebrity Big Brother 4, 2006

George Galloway pretending to be Rula Lenska’s pet cat is, sadly, something we can’t erase from our memory.

5. Celebrity Big Brother 16, 2015

The UK vs. USA series was definitely nuts. Tila Tequila had barely unpacked when she was ejected on day two after posing in a Nazi uniform, Janice Dickinson spat at Marc Jacobs’ ex-boyfriend and as for Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham… we have no words.

4. Celebrity Big Brother 12, 2013

It had Courtney Stodden, Screech from Saved By The Bell and a bed-wetting Charlotte Crosby. Of course CBB12 was going to be on the mental side – especially when they gave Courtney a slumber party for her birthday and she chose Screech to share it with her.

3. Celebrity Big Brother 17, 2016

It’s not so much what went on inside the house, rather what happened with Steph Davis and Jeremy McConnell afterwards, when their relationship went 0-100 and back again. Steph became pregnant, Jeremy said it wasn’t his, and much of her pregnancy was spent trying to prove that she was actually pregnant. You couldn’t make it up.

Inside the house, Tiffany Pollard thought David Gest had died when he had just gone to take a nap (it was actually David Bowie who had passed), and the ridiculousness of the whole misunderstanding took on a whole new feeling of sadness when he really did die a few months later.

2. Celebrity Big Brother 11, 2013

Whether you loved or loathed Speidi, you can’t deny they made for a pretty eventful series – and seem to be doing the exact same this time around.

1. Celebrity Big Brother 15, 2015

Perez Hilton’s constant drama, Katie Hopkins and Katie Price’s love/hate relationship, Jeremy Jackson being kicked out for getting too hands-on with Chloe Goodman… CBB15 was absolutely batshit. Michelle Visage was lovely, though.

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