Real Friends: Jennifer Aniston To Be Maid Of Honour At Courteney Cox's Wedding

Rachel and Monica 14 years on....

Let's be real - we all want Monica and Rachel's friendship to last forever in our hearts. 

The show ended 14(!) years ago in May, but it's 100% our guilty pleasure to watch the characters live on through the actors. 

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Which is why we were super stoked to hear that Jennifer Aniston is going to be Maid of Honour at Courteney Cox's wedding this summer. 

Court is getting married to Snow Patrol singer Johnny McDaid, so we're certain that Jen An will be in good company amongst other big names. 

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We can't WAIT. Wonder if she booked The Pierre or The Plaza...
No doubt Courts is wealthy enough to afford Wedding Scenario A and B if she so wishes.

Doesn't it give you hope to see the ladies remain pals after all this time? #FriendshipGoalz

Welcome to the real world it... is actually quite good? You're going to love it! 

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