10 Times The Hamburglar Ruined McDonald's For Absolutely Everyone

Sweet dreams, kids.

McDonald's is a whole lot of wrong for a number of reasons - most notably their McChoco Potato (which we secretly kind of love).

Bar the chicken-grinding, cow-bashing, global-footprinting bits and bobs, one of the most obvious aspects of Mcdonald's' wickedness has to be the Hamburglar. Remember that dude? Course you do. He was in your dreams again last night, wasn't he. No? Get through this list and we promise you'll see him again real soon.


This bizarre commercial, that shows how the Hamburglar got his stripes

This Nick Jonas costume, that no one needed in their life, did they

This advert featuring his voice, which gives us the chills

This image of him looking like a corpse in a costume

This advert, showing off his penchant for child-napping

This gif

This updated, human version of him that's pretty much definitely worse

This video that guarantees we won't sleep tonight

This very unhappy meal

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