Rejection Letters To JK Rowling & 11 Other Mega Stars

"I do not feel that she is ready yet". Yeah, that was Madonna.

We've all had one of those days - your teamates didn't like your big work idea, you had a fight with your SO AND your boss quite literally hates you (you know, because they accidentally copied you on an email saying so. It's that bad). 

But we're here for you on this tragically crap day, when you couldn't feel more inferior. Hey, you! Loser! It's happened to the best of people. Literally.

JK Rowling via Twitter

JK Rowling (under her pen name, Robert Galbrath) just tweeted some of her (many) rejection letters from publishers for all the world to see, a reminder that if you get knocked down, all you need to do is get up again.

Some of your biggest heroes have had serious knockbacks in life, and that didn't stop them. Madonna? Rejected by a massive music label. Sylvia Plath? Nah, not everyone's a fan. Let this collection of real rejection letters ease your pain (and remind you that some people are just dicks).