Remember Glyn From Big Brother? He's Changed A Lot

He can cook omelettes now.

You remember Glyn Wise, right? The painfully Welsh BB7 contestant who stole our hearts in 2006 with a song about learning to boil an egg for the first time aged 18 (come on guys, you know the words!), his constant flirting with contestants double his age, and sheer confusion at just about everything Nikki Grahame said or did?

Now 28, he's moved on with his life (he can cook omelettes too) and is using his experience in a bid to become a politician in the Welsh Assembly.

Speaking to The Metro, he detailed whether his time on BB7 coloured his campaign:

"Has being on Big Brother been a curse as well as a blessing? I don’t think so at all. Politics needs people from different types of backgrounds.

"It doesn’t have to be all old men in grey suits. I’m 28, I don’t speak in jargon and I can relate to young people and the issues affecting them very well.

Young people deserve more of a voice in politics.... Plus, I’ve always been passionate about my country and wanted the best for Wales."

What a good egg. Best of luck to him (and love, for your own sake, don't dye your hair blonde this time).

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