Reunion Leviosa! This Harry Potter Get Together Had The Internet Screaming

1000 times yes.

Don't lie - we all live for those little moments in our miserable adult lives where we can teleport back to the innocence of childhood through nostalgia. 

Whether it be the whiff of an old teacher’s perfume or the sweet blissful taste of lukewarm baked beans and fish fingers; we’ve all got our own kryptonite.

It's undeniable that nothing beats a reunion. Especially when it involves cast members from cult classic Harry goddamn Potter.

Over the weekend, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy reconnected.

Actor Tom Felton teased us with an Insta pic of himself, Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis on Monday and we weren’t the only ones to lose our sh*t… 

The comments speak for themselves tbh.

Wanna hear more from the creator of our fav wizarding world? J.K Rowling answers all our Qs here: