Hilarious Reward Stickers Everyone Deserves In Adult Life

Being in your 20s shouldn't mean you don't get a gold star.

Everyone would agree that the highlight of our time spent in school was not stealing all your mate's Pogs when they weren't looking, nor rocking that legendary jeans and dress combo to the Year 4 disco - it was being given a goddamn sticker for all our highest achievements.

Spelling a five letter word correctly, suriviving a dentist appointment - we'd wear that magnificent award with pride, until it gathered so much fluff it'd drop right off. Heartbreaking.

Nowadays, simply remembering to book a dentist's appointment (OK, and registering with one in the first place) warrants a high commendation from the Queen - and Etsy seller peanutparade agrees. They've made stickers for everything from putting a bra on (WELL DONE YOU), to almost going to the gym - and we want them all.

All parents should get this 'I survived parent - teacher conference night' sticker:

So much to feel proud about here.

We can't ever see ourselves getting the 'my sink is EMPTY' sticker, if we're honest.

Congrats to anyone who hasn't looked at their phone during dinner.

This is definitely something to brag about.

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