14 Animals That Were Born to Perform

Move aside humans, it's their time to shine.

[subheader]1) Well hello tourist! Do I look good in this lighting?[/subheader] 

[subheader]2) It's all about the subtle glare darling[/subheader] 

[subheader]3) Oh Oh Oh, watch what I can do... Are you getting this?[/subheader]

[subheader]4) "Hey guys over here!"[/subheader] 

[subheader]5) Wazzaaapp![/subheader] 

[subheader]6) Jusss' Chillin[/subheader] 

[subheader]7) Just waiting for the bus, cause my car got Toad...[/subheader] 

[subheader]8) Just embrace the attention Jim, look natrual[/subheader] 

[subheader]9) How do you want me?[/subheader] 

[subheader]10) #NoMakeUp #Selfie[/subheader] 

[subheader]11) That's sooo out of season hunny...[/subheader] 

[subheader]12) Wait wait! Do I look good here? How about this? Actually get my right side like this...[/subheader] 

[subheader]13) Cheeesseee![/subheader] 

[subheader]14) Ohhh camera![/subheader] 

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