RIP Alan Rickman, Funny-Ass Thespian

Farewell to the man with the greatest speaking voice in the world.

God, you fucking bastard. Alan Rickman and David Bowie in the same week?


Most of the coverage of his death is likely to focus on his dramatic work, but we're more fans of his comedic stuff. Stuff like:


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As Metatron, the voice of God, Rickman's world-weariness and amazingly sardonic delivery completely steals the film, which in a movie featuring a demon literally made of shit is pretty impressive. 

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves

Morgan Creek Productions

Holy shit, what a performance. Rickman's Sheriff Of Nottingham is one of the greatest baddies in cinema history, thanks entirely to his decision to play it as massively as possible. Everything that comes out of his mouth turns to gold. "I'll cut your heart out with a spoon, Locksley!" is one of the all-time badass threats, and his later explanation of it ("Because it's DULL, you TWIT! It'll HURT MORE!" is just golden. Also worth mentioning: he's fucking sexy. Also also worth mentioning: the most incredibly saliva-heavy death scene ever filmed.

Galaxy Quest


Possibly inspired by his time working with charisma void Kevin Costner on Robin Hood, Rickman is amazing as a Shakespearean actor slumming it in material vastly beneath him. He's hilarious all the way through it, and brings a gravitas to wearing a rubber headpiece that few actors could equal. By Grabthar's hammer, you shall be avenged.

Die Hard

20th Century Fox

For a non-comedy, Die Hard is fucking hilarious. Bruce Willis gets most of the choice one-liners, but they'd fall flat without Hans Gruber to bounce off. And then there's Gruber's on-the-spot improvised American alter-ego Bill Clay (who we've had thoughts about before – see video above). 

The Four Yorkshiremen

For a one-off Amnesty International performance, Alan Rickman joined Vic Reeves, Harry Enfield and Eddie Izzard for a surreal reinterpretation of the classic Four Yorkshiremen sketch. Rickman read his lines from a script hidden in his newspaper, and Eddie Izzard's reaction to "We were evicted from our Heinkel" is wonderful.

Love Actually

Universal Pictures


This extraordinarily watchable video of him making some tea

We've lost a good one. RIP Alan. 

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