Ronnie Corbett's All-Time Funniest Moments

We'll be lighting fork handles for him tonight.

It's a terribly sad day for comedy, as Ronnie Corbett, one half (OK, one third) of The Two Ronnies, has died at the age of 85.

The Two Ronnies started out in 1971 and continued making the country laugh until 1987, many of their brilliant sketches still quoted today. Without further ado, here are his most side-splitting moments, sure to go down in comedy history:

Four Candles

The classic. Fork handles? Four candles? What does he want?!

You Can Say That Again

Corbett plays Bert, who hesitates when he speaks, while Barker starred as Charlie who finished his sentences for him. "They want me to change my...." "socks more often?"


Only a true genius would go on Mastermind with the specialist subject of 'answering the question before last'.

The Confusing Library

This, well, confusing, library classifies its books by colour, size and thickness. Cos that's useful.

Hello, I'm A Doctor

Why can't our doctor tell us to "simply go round your local and keep drinking until the soreness is gone"?

The Ice Cream Parlour

Is it weird that we want to try cheese and onion ice-cream now?

The Sweet Shop

This sweet shop owner acts exactly how everyone who works in retail truly want to... by being bloody rude.

My Blackberry Is Not Working

"How big's your dongle?"

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