Rose From Titanic Was Based On A Real Woman And She Was WAY Better

Her story is CRAY.

Titanic is one of the best films ever made. 


If the harrowing tale told through exceptional visuals isn't enough for you, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet's staunch on-screen romance would've 100% done it. 

But it's all about to become more #emosh for you... 

The character of Rose (played by Kate Winslet) was based on an actual real-life woman called Beatrice Wood.

An incredible artist and explorer, she translated her experience intricately through her art. 

Born to a rich San Fransisco family in 1893, just like Rose, Beatrice was a rebel and wanted nothing more than the freedom to do whatever she pleased. 

This was before feminism was cool in Western society. So, that was a big NO. 

She went to Paris to perform and create. Oh, and to enjoy lots of saucy relationships. 

She felt her broad attitude to romance and sexuality was what kept her going until her death at 105.

Telling the New York Times she attributed her long life to "chocolate and young men", it seems we can all learn a lesson here. 

What a legend?! We wanna be Beatrice when we grow up. 

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