Ross Geller Is The Fakest Die Hard Fan, Like Ever

Loves films. Doesn't recognise star of films.

When you watch something every day (*cough* Friends *cough*), you tend to remember the characters faces. Right?

Warner Bros.

So, say you’re a fan of the Die Hard movies, you’d DEFFO remember the face of Bruce Willis... agreed?

Well for Ross Geller, that’s apparently not the case (things can never be simple with Ross).

See, he watches Die Hard:

Warner Bros.

But yet when he meets the star of the film, Bruce Willis, who is his new girlfriend's father, he apparently doesn’t remember him at all:


Yep, that really happened. 

Here we have Ross, Chandler, and Joey enjoying a movie night watching Die Hard:

And here we have Ross with the star of Die Hard:

So was Ross suffering from amnesia? Or was he too afraid to mention that he's a HUGE fan of Bruce's work?

We’ll have to go with the third option. Someone on the writing team really, really messed up.

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