A Definitive Guide To The Funniest Royal Wedding Memes

Brb, just googling 20-something single Princes...

We thought it would never end. Especially during the preachy speech part. But it's finally safe to say that the Royal Wedding is OVER. 

That's it. Someone pass the gin. 

Yeah okay, we enjoyed it. SUE US. What we love even more, however, is the plethora of memes that followed. 

Here are some of our faves:


Oh, Tom. We feel you. 

It wouldn't be a ROYAL occasion without our kween, Kim Woodburn.


Egg and cress, anyone? 


G'ammon, now... 


There was just no avoiding it tbf... 

Breakin' boundaries 2k18

We're scared ngl..

Here for this and this only. 

What do you expect?!


This child is going to reign over us ALL. Just a reminder. 

Damn, J.K. Back at it again with those home truthzzz... 

How has she not learned her lesson here? 

Absolute icon.

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