Russell Brand's New Job Is Annoying The $%!£ Out Of The Rock In 'Ballers'

Match made in HEAVEN.

Russell Brand has many talents. It's no wonder he's been recruited for a guest spot on HBO's 'Ballers' alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. 

Whether it's cracking jokes on stage, point scoring on the savage Roast Battle or galvanising the youth into voting through hilarious satire - we've never seen a bow with so many strings. 

Charming as he is, Russell proved he's as cheeky as ever speaking on ITV's 'Zoe Ball On Sunday'.

On his working relationship with the pro wrestler, he said: "It was really good because there were bits where I thought, 'I'll just say what I like to him now, really wind him up,' thinking he can't smack me in the mouth now because this is all pretending."

We're sure The Rock loved that.

For the record, Russell, you can come and irritate us any day of the week. 

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