Russian Vlogger Gets Arrested... For Playing Pokémon Go

It all sounds pretty Gastly tbh...

Okay, we're calling it now: Pokémon Go is the most dangerous game ever made. First there was that gang of armed robbers targeting would-be trainers, and now a Russian YouTuber's gotten himself arrested.

How? He was playing... in a church.

Sure, everyone's misbehaved in a church at some point in their life, but from what we remember the harshest punishment you'd get is a bit of a glare off the god squad bod next to you, and maybe a vague tutting in your general direction.


But Russian Vlogger, Ruslan Sokolovsky, could be facing up to five years' imprisonment for playing in the Church of All Saints in Yekaterinburg, otherwise known as the Church of the Blood, which is a particularly holy site for the Russian Orthodox Church.


How did the cops find out? He posted the video to 300,000+ subscriber-strong channel, obviously! 

Let's hope for a swift end to this Gastly affair...

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