Scientists Discover 'Stubby Squid' Who Needs His Own Disney Movie NOW

Move over Dory, there's a new cutie in town.

Yo Dory, we've got news for you!

There's a new cutie on the block. AND HIS NAME IS STUBBY SQUID.

Nautilius live via Youtube

Over the past few weeks Finding Dory has been breaking hearts then fixing them all over again as we followed Dory AKA Ellen DeGeneres on a whimsical journey across the ocean in search of her long lost family. 

Baby Dory established herself as literally the cutest Pixar animation ever, thanks to those *eyes*.


But there's a new cutie on the block - the purple, squidgy Stubby Squid, which has just been discovered by a team of scientists off the coast of California. If he's not cool enough to get his own Pixar movie, we don't know who is.

Also known as a Rossia Pacifica, the little beauty looks like a cross between an octopus and squid, but is more closely related to cuttlefish. And people are already obsessed with him.

You cool to let someone else take the spotlight for a while, Dory? Now you've made your millions, found your parents and all that?




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