Scientists Reckon We Should All Be Drinking Cockroach Milk

Cockroach... Milk...

Another day, another newly discovered superfood.

Last year it was all about coconut water, this year we hear tree water (basically bark rain) is breaking through, and, according to scientists, we could soon add cockroach milk to the list of foods that'll save your life. Now, let those words sink in.


Wikipedia / Comedy Central


Wikipedia / Pixabay / Comedy Central

The milk of a cockroach.

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Know those things that scuttle across the floor of dirty apartments on TV? Well a team of scientists (yes, SCIENTISTS) at India’s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine have discovered that it's almost FOUR TIMES as nutritious as cow's milk...


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But before you head out on some perverse Pokémon Go-style cockroach chase and milk their tiny teets (do they have nipples?), the same team are also currently attempting to sequence the gene, meaning we could basically have genetically modified cockroach milk on tap.

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We really miss Soylent Green right now.

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