Scrubs at 15: Our Fave Memories

Curse you time! Won't you ever stop?!

Feeling old? Of course you're not - you're young, your body is supple and lithe, and you can pound Jaegerbombs at 2am with the best of them.

We've got one sentence which will make you feel your age though, are you ready for it? Scrubs is fifteen years old.

Turk and JD first arrived on our screens in 2001, given that it was pre-iPhone, Facebook, Snapchat and Millie Bobby Brown might as well have been the Dark Ages.

Now we've made you feel old, why not do what old people do and look back nostalgically on something that doesn't exist anymore? Here we are then, as we count 15 of our favourite Scrubs memories. 

*Tucks you in under a blanket*

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